by heytherewildflower

a moment with some truths about traffic
according to demographics and Xen Li Ma

supposedly road accidents are the leading cause of death
and injury, world wide.

statistic only applicable to the below 45 demographic.
above 45, you’re toast anyway, and nobody makes much of a racket
for the demographics of the increasingly wizened and wrinkled.

I hope someone sticks a productivity graph in my casket
and a record of my tax returns, and a few passports.
corpse in an egg brimming basket. i hope i die

with slack jaw, in a rocking chair, rocking hard,
growing limp, flopping until momentum loses itself
to the dead weight. and i hope they find me a week later
mouth unhinged and wide and crooked, filled with bees.
eyeballs spilling out of sockets the way brie cheese oozes
beyond its serving plate, down the riddled cheeks, stripped
and sticky from rats.

vogue says 60 is the new sexy. silver fox
is the new slick minx.

this is my kind of statistic. meaning 22 is the new unborn. and etc.

when I was -27 in vogue years and 12 in American, and 11 in China,
A driver who drove my family 4 years, who hated cheese, wore leather pants and gloves, and requested “because i love you, call me xen li” explained to my sister and me:

zero on a license plate is equivalent to the V in V.I.P.
more is better, get off the road for more than four,
and IT IS IMPORTANT to remember, remember you, the full basket of zeros
on the blue license plate of a black car that carts The Chairman!
the people’s license plate is blue. and government plates are white.
and black means wealthy. bicycle means irrelevant.

Xen Li, have you ever seen the full throttle zero blue plate, shiny black car?

“yees! ONCE, I have once…BIG, BIG DOG!”

rules of the road
you cant find on wikipedia
or wikilinks or demographics

but vogue has a new beauty column
called dermatology secrets of the ancient east
homeopathic and guaranteed results
famous asian porcelain gleam

drink tea, stay indoors and
take up mahjong, A NEW UBER TRENDY past time.

Duly noted, our father, XenLi’s boss, called him “Xiao Ma”
which translated to little horse. horse, his family name.
but Xen li, he explained to us, meant “1000”

A thousand flying horses. or horse power of one thousand.