a few images

by heytherewildflower

Acculturate: trending word

in order to acculturate
she learned tea ceremony
and he got fitted for a samurai costume
feeling the novelty of their exoticism
at the grocery store where samples of tiny dried
fish were the primary munch food.

he dragged her by the skin of demented
misdirection, tingling in his gums
not unlike tingling of Novocaine
mouth hangover after a particularly intense
cavity removal. not quite high, never quite
achieving that perfect high, and losing it

he dragged her across the ocean
by airplane to Japanese suburbia,
which, in the mind of an American,
is a contradiction.

He planted tomato vines
and made sure to host Halloween parties
for the shock and awe of it. token American
eyeball soup and blindfolding
and cardboard masks of politicians smoking cigars
hit scandal of CNN, and the token witch
with face melting off in streaks of metallic green.

the local children wore traditional kimono
or their favorite anime accessories
and screamed touching the pealed grapes.
beneath the mask of kabuki horror,
were quite perplexed.

little child of theirs joined in the festivities
with fish breath and fresh interest
in sailor moon tissue cases, jelly sandals
with fruit decals, and blushed with shame
because she did not have a bento box.

begging for a bento box proved insufficient
because hers featured peanut butter sandwiches
and fig newtons and not purple cabbage cut into orchids
or rice rolls. tissue holder from last season.
and no slick candies to brag of, or to trade
for eel.

white cotton underwear was the worst.
especially since the boys peaked into her bathroom stall
when she peed
to see what she looked like underneath the unpressed
uniform missing two buttons and stained with spaghetti.
she was white under all that, no surprises to speak of,
without much stench.

daughter of unknown origin

dreamed of her wedding dress like  other little girls do

grim dream of matrimony and succulent flowers

to waste on herself and guests. and delicate fingerfoods.

like the swamp hatched butterfly,  always the vision

a wedding dress of heavy red satin blood orange, red glowing iridescent gold
silk lined thick embellished pearling swans, swooping needle strokes
into designs of lotus and curves.

worn with kabuki face, same face carried out to live for the rest of her life hung with heroic poetry of exoticism and soils of charm stretched thin, across cold continents, and the dream

mother to a pack of fine featured asian babies