life & BOIs golfing

by heytherewildflower



imagine the whole world a desert.

you remember now.
The dream was the same, the city dead,
in ruins, empty. A different city
in each dream. Sometimes the city
was El Paso. Sometimes the city
was San Francisco. Once, the city
was New York. Another time

It was Denver. And then, in succession,
Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris,
London, Iowa City.
Lafayette, Las Cruces, Leuven.

You spent your youth living
a nomadic existence.

You moved from
one place to another. Each place, each
city, a different

season in your life.

Imagine all the old seasons gone,

leaving only an eternal age

of dark and sunless days.

once your heart was a desert.

As Mexicans would have it:
Cada Cabeza es un mundo

Every single mind constitutes a world–

an ecosystem.

Each life
with streets, avenues,
libraries, histories,
museums, homes,
gardens, alleys filled
with garbage, kitchens,
aromas, secrets,
and novels that contain

voices that must not

become extinct.

You’ve lived long enough now

to love what you have lost.

You have to be careful.

You don’t want to live

in the past. You have said this

a thousand times:

You detest nostalgia.

Sometimes you wake in the night.
You are afraid. You are afraid
that your heart will become
a desert again. Uninhabitable.

You are closing your eyes.
You are whispering
all the names

of all the cities

you have loved.

Every night the dream.
Every dawn, the waking

to that profound
state of sadness and solitude.
Always you rushed out
into the yard and wept
at the sight of the honeysuckles in bloom
and the blueness of the sky.

a world without the sweetness of jasmine
and honeysuckles? Imagine a world
without the perfect breeze,
without the perfect blue
that only a sky in June can give?

non faulkner bill jr

non faulkner pappy bill

SEEING THESE GUYS real soon. love love love