by heytherewildflower

I thought it would be hilarious to go to this thing called DICK SLAP (advertised by The Stranger as A BARELY LEGAL EVENT WITH DJS AND THE FINAL HUZZAH of Stella Rose St. Clair, “fashionista and blogstress.”)

Needless to say, I was sold at Dick and bought at Slap.

I didn’t really care what it actually was…just that I wanted to go so I’d have something to say about my post grad-life when faced with conversation about the excitement of vaccinating baboons in tanzania and rescuing orphans in bolivia.


ok and do you know what the main image of their website is??? its this:

on the way there I looked up the directions and stumbled upon some gratuitous reviews. heres some dickslap snippets, “ITS DARK AND SCARY IN THERE! yeaaaaaaaaa!” “wear earplugs” “lots of butthole!”

I was real real excited to see a member of the fashion blogging sista hooood…she seemed wild cool.

WELL…there she is. and there she is with the headlining DJ (DJ Nark)

(DJ Nark sports two excellent and repellent tattoos.) (and yet I am not repelled. I am amused.)

(there was some butthole, but no need for earplugs. and it was only dark in there because I was the only one wearing sparkles. which is sad.)

p.s. this dickslap is a leather bar, so I wore the following:

the leather fanny pack is a new addition to my life. and I thought it would be a good idea to bring a packed fanny to dickslap??? (TOOO FAR???? perhaps)

this picture is here I guess because I wanted to get all the colors of the outfit into the one picture…except actually, who am i kidding?? its here because LOOK HOW PRETTY MY HAIR IS IN SEATTLE!!!! AHHHHHHH

so much better than in stupid Colorado!!!!! I’ve been freaking out about my hair falling out and dying ever since the shinglezz incident.

now if there is one thing I am confident about (and i mean… ONLY ONE THING….) Its that my hair is fabulous again. HUZZZAH!!!!!!!!!!