Seattle Public Library

by heytherewildflower

first time I came here I nearly pissed myself.

(not really. My bladder control is pretty solid. Not something I can add to the growing list of SHIT THATS WRONG WITH ME, BODILY, EMOTIONALLY AND MENTALLY.)


yes i do wear my sunglasses inside the library, fuckhead.

“Is it the foot,
which rubs the cobblestones
and snakestones all its days, this lowliest
of tongues, whose lick-tracks tell
our history of errors to the dust behind,
which is the last trace in us of wings?”

-Galway Kinnell

to the puce colored house dwellers of wahsatch and cache….  im almost nostalgic for -27 degree winds. but not quite.

im your seattleite

“We have some sad news
this morning
from Mars
the imagination thinks
in phrases but the universe
is a long sentence
according to our instruments
the oldest songs
are breaking apart
like a puzzle in a basement…”

-Wave Books poet, Matthew Rohrer

anyway, instead of that scary man lurker hostel, I GET TO STAY HERE TONIGHT. Lake Washington.