thee oh sees

by heytherewildflower

new lover

Thee Oh Sees do not need you to keep up with them. In the last three years alone, they’ve released six full-lengths and a hailstorm of EPs, all of it under a maddening, search-engine confounding array of name spellings. From the OCS to the OhSees to Thee Oh Sees, John Dwyer– the madman behind this unreasonably prolific project– has molted band names like some rare endangered bird determined to shake off pursuers. This is catch-me-if-you-can behavior, the maneuvering of someone determined to keep things small and weird.

front row for thee oh sees and butthole surfers (and some other stuff.) fell in love with thee oh sees lead guitarist/singer crzy monkey man. once again confirming that my taste is absurd beyond questioning. its all about the weird. and the talent. and the weird talent. (and the beauty.)

this monkey man is beautiful.

AND SO ARE THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS who rocked my face off. me and the 38 year old gray bearded men and their nose ring yoga doing dyed hair domestic partners.

you betcha

butthole surfers