by heytherewildflower

Its obligatory if you write a blog to post some sort of September 11 tribute today. I decided not to. I decided to just read articles and watch a documentary and not be tacky like I usually am about these sorts of things.

but, I suppose, habit calls to me the things of this earth

the popular question of the day seems to be, did they win or did they not win?

what were they trying to accomplish by attacking the WTC and Pentagon?

Is America in discord to the point of a Roman-esque collapse? If so, who takes responsibility?

There is a reason why I chose to opt out of a career in politics despite hailing from an insanely political family (on both sides.)

I can’t make much commentary to the effect of winning or losing (I stopped feeding the competitive side of me after my knees broke permanently) but I can say




venerate beauty. (both within yourself, outside yourself, in the people you love and throughout the entire ugly fucked up world there is this powerful strain of beauty. like the force in star wars but its prettier and slightly more visible.)