the problem of leisure //is// what to do for pleasure

by heytherewildflower

im really not doing a real job right now. im trying to. the whole process of applying for an interesting job is long. i’ve applied for like 30. maybe 40. some dont actually interest me, some aren’t actually interested in me. i could just work in an ice cream shoppe. some days its tempting.

anyway…. technically this is the life of leisure on my beautiful hill top apartment. the stuff i am doing doesn’t seem to take up much time, and it certainly doesn’t pay me. and i really dont know anyone here…so i have LOTS of free time.

even though im volunteering at the library.

poetry press internship.

volunteering with poetry northwest. (I GET TO MAN THE FRONT DESK AT LOUISE GLUCK’S READING IN FEBRUARY, WHAT!!!?)


but im still bored shitless during my free time.

shitless and friendless.

having my cake and eating it too @ cake-aroke (whichmeans karaoke at a self described “VEGAN DIVE BAR”  that serves famous vegan cake.)

i will be all alone, with nobody to enjoy my punz. which is probably good for everybody but me 😥

the more time i spend alone, the more i rack up inside jokes with myself….walking down the street spontaneously bursting into maniacal laughter. if it sounds like insanity and feels like insanity then its A DUCK.

quack quack cake-aroke

blue velvet you betcha