pretty pretty pictures

by heytherewildflower

CB: Academia has conditioned me to prefer descriptive explanation supported by some sort of argument about a book’s structure (i.e. “how it is written”) and the book’s functions (i.e. “why it is written). I dislike reviewers who indulge in a cursory summary of a book, then proceed to offer their
own set of judgemental impressions, based upon a presumed paradigm of shared values between the reviewer and the audience–and alas, most reviews seem to partake of this model of literary critique.

CB: Academia has conditioned me to write arguments that fit the allowable allotment of words. I prefer to discuss a book in terms of its structural, if not functional
details, quoting samples that might illustrate my exposition. I might at times try to situate the work within the context of either the oeuvre of the author or the school of the poetry (whatever seems most appropriate…).

CB: Good creative writers now have to be good critical writers–especially if they want to argue on their own behalf for the merits of their work. I think that, especially among the avant-garde, cultural critique obliges writers to adopt the skills of a reviewer, if only so that such radical writers can anticipate dismissive commentary and respond to it with ironclad defenses in its favour.


and now…the pictures



and…finally decided upon some eyeglass frames. its taken all of 3 months:

these TomFords but in a color called “deep Havana red”