fall into a volcano

by heytherewildflower


BY (my darling)  CRAIG ARNOLD

FALL creeps like a slow flame
over a maple   limb by limb
leaves that once fanned their hands
open   wanting to put themselves
all over everything   begin to glow
brave vermillion and lively yellow
let at last their fingers curl
into the palm   and let go

The same fire is touching us
around the edges   licking wrinkles
into the corners of our eyes
making the skin inside our elbows
silky as old coins
And when we lie
together   and I feel your bones
blaze    and the rose of your face unfolds
and the incandescence of your skin
crackles   like the paper at the tip
of a drawn-on cigarette   and dies
in a final fluttering of ash

Then   then we feel death
as the deepest coming   then we ease unhurried
into the bud of body   then we learn
little by little   to relinquish
gracefully   and less afraid
each time   to let each other slip
slowly out of our clasp   made
fire   made flower   made flesh.



I love him.