The Finer Thingz, tea and shit

by heytherewildflower

Two observations saved up for today.

1. I know I am home whenever I smell SHIT. i mean it. SHIT. like when somebody says…OH THIS MEATY PINOT NOIR SMELLS LIKE SHIT, its so earthy and rotten and delicious.  LIKE SHIT. a certain 20 meter expanse of my walk home always smells distinctively of pinot noir shit. The first few weeks of living at at my new apartment. it took me by surprise every time I walked home…like WHOAAAAAA shit smell! eau de shit! HOLY! …but now I smell the shit before I round the corner… and I know I am home. harbinger of home. Home sweet home, the grave. Home….ahhhhhhhh…the smell of shit! my cozy bed and a cup of tea is close at hand!

2. TODAY I made the miraculous and victorious and stupendous discovery of my whole wide existence. HOW TO REMOVE THE CANDY SUGAR FROM A CANDY SUGARED ALMOND without sucking on it and risking the temptation of eating the whole thing then eating 10 more. STICK EM’ IN YOUR TEA.

oh fuck. I just realized something. The tea I just drank was caffeineited. I am so screwed for sleep tonight. GOD DAMNIT. blog, why do you reveal to me these pulsions of my soul? unearth the dank and moldering shits of my subconscious?