blah la la

by heytherewildflower


good news has been bestowed upon me!

1. This lady has promised to buy me two lattes worth of love for the honor of walking her lovely dog. one latte up the hill, one latte down the hill. for an infinitely extended period of time. OH HOLY. my morning just got better and full of dog love and free coffee.

2. MY PARENTS CALLED ME and they, the people who “JUST DONT GET ME” “JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND ME” “DONT LIKE POETRY AND NEVER WILL!!! WAHHH”, somehow know the poet laureate of the entire U S OF AAA …and somehow have him booked to drag his ass to the Costa Rican rainforest to raise money and awareness for the Osa Campaign (non-profit for the first and largest natl park of central and south america) AND THEY WANT ME TO ORGANIZE THE ENTIRE WEEKEND LONG EVENT. and they are flying me out to organize it. BECAUSE its not like I wouldn’t want to fly out to Costa Rica, or organize a poetry event, or meet Philip Levine, or meet a productive activist, OR any one of those things isolated as its own thing, OH NO. its NOT LIKE I wouldn’t beg to do those things and pay money to do them, NAY. I am getting paid, flown home, building my resume AND MEETING AND SPENDING TIME WITH PHILIP LEVINE AND ORGANIZING A BIG AND IMPORTANT NATL POETRY EVENT…all at once.

what. the. fuck.

and my parents love me. WHAT THE FUCK.

3. my adorable and sweet and intelligent cousin Will came over for dinner today, and if something can make me happy in all the whole wide world, its spending time with my family or LAUGHING.

4. If I could have a child, and I WANT A CHILD i really do, but NO I don’t, I’d want a child like Shane Botwin from Weeds