Quality Improvement ideas

by heytherewildflower

A fresh take on halloween wings and skeleton suits. For instance, the first one could be BIRD OF PARADISE (ah haha!) The second one could be…Eloise at her first prom? The third one could be dead audrey hepburn? and then the skulls are seasonal decorations… acceptable accents year round that just so happened to pop up around halloween time?  I like taking traditional halloween themes and reinterpreting them. It amuses me because I think I am being clever and also nobody usually gets it. Which is another thing I like because then I can make up a long and kooky explanation so I don’t actually have to make small talk at parties. Halloween is a big source of inspiration for me. Inspirational because its just inspirational but inspirational because I love seeing everyone in costumes. offers a newly lit glimpse of a human being, sort of  underbelly of their current psychological portrait. KINDA. but a spade is a spade. it is MOSTLY and  most importantly an occasion to flaunt more wildness than usually flaunted. Like some people and unlike others, I usually flaunt quite a bit. but I don’t like the attention, I like the fantasy and the state of mind…so attention staunches the pleasure of dressing up and forces me to tone it down. Since moving to Seattle, I’ve toned down quite a bit because I really want to blend for a while.  For the time being.

Halloween is the holiday that gives permission. Obviously the candy is a strong draw for most kids. I loved it as a kid because it was my once a year chance to exercise without bounds the monsterous sweet tooth inherited from an early childhood in japan. People, it is NO COINCIDENCE that the Japanese have such bad teeth. Those people are sugar fiends. Also, when I was a kid, halloween was my only amo for convincing my parents to allow me to invest in wigs and outrageous outfit pieces. Now it is the excuse I give myself. Turning halloween themes inside out, or making fun of them, PLAYING. And when else is it ok for a 20+ to chain suck lollipops without looking like a candykid raver or formerly abused adult in a regressive stage? Ok. THE BANK. but I still get weird looks at the bank when I am indulging in my second or third or fourth lollipop. LOOK I AM SORRY you responsible bank going civilian you, these here pops are small little things and… I am a biter. NO NO! Not stuck in a regressive stage induced by childhood abuse!…simply hopelessly orally fixated.

God bless halloween and other demonically inspired holidays. Pagans, thou flesh mongers…

“We talk about the play within the play: there is also a play without the play—which contains everything.”