by heytherewildflower

(The Hangman’s Tree)

There is a Japanese proverb that
says any person who can fold
1000 cranes is granted one wish.
This is the part where a crane
folds 1000 people. This is the
part where the swallow slays the
dragon. This is the night. This is
the night. 1000 people hang
from one tree. There is this part
I never told you. Half of those
people used to be my neighbors.
The other half were my friends.

the only way my job isnt boring as fuck is if I am looking at pretty pretty pictures and taking 2 minutes breaks for belly dancing lessons with RACHEL BRICE via youtube.

Today I signed up for belly dancing classses that don’t involve youtube or me in my underwear and socks with my hair wrapped in a towel. Thats what my work uniform is, basically. AND now that I am making the $monayz$ I can do such things. perhaps I will even be able to afford a real nice pair of boots soon. like the leather kind. thigh fucking high. BITCH