Chandeliers and Ocean

by heytherewildflower

The following outfit is a combination of these factors: 1. skirt that I loved that my roommate jamie made (found in the pretty parlor) FOUND BEFORE I met her and before we became roommates. After I told her I loved it (the first time we met) she set it aside for me and gave it to me today!!! 2. my mom’s shirt bought in Italy the day after Princess Diana died (Di died in Italy, 3 miles from where my mom stayed that night) and 3. the green suede/rabbit fur collar jacket that was a staple of my mom’s high school 70s fashion repetoire 40 FUCKING YEARS AGO. also, Tom Ford lipstick if you’re interested.

p.s. in the days of yesteryear, my myspace page was called freakystyley for the time I had a myspace. I probably still have a myspace, but its a dusty and sad corner of our beloved interwebs. Regardless, I still think FREAKYSTYLEY is sort of my life philosophy. My roommate Jamie who is the awesomest (who has some serious back damage/nerve damage from a week of frolicking on the beach in kauai. who is currently on a ton of percocet. who makes the awesomest clothes and costumes ever) is also freaky styley:

taken on my living room couch about 20 minutes ago.

fab oo lush dahlin