I feel you GDAWG

by heytherewildflower

I can’t speak slang I always sound like a fucking fool when I try. One thing I can say is FOOL. I like fool. The only slang that really succesfully permeates my vocabulary is whatever Monika says over and over with the full authority of her Monika-ness. I have started saying OBVS and Fool and Bitch alot. Thanks Monika.

Today my brain is suffering. One thing about the English language is that it’s general pattern for communicating extreme discomfort/angst caused by suffering is inferior to that of Spanish.

With English, You FEEEEEEEEEEEL pain.

With Spanish, You have pain. Tengo dolor.

This makes a lot more sense to me.

Michael Ondaatje’s final elimination stanza for his poem “Elimination Dance: An Intermission”


Pain is something you hold or something that sloshes around inside of you. it is not something for feelings. You can aim a blow at someone’s feelings, but feelings do not have ownership of pain.

Anyway, my brain hurts.

HEY THERE WILDFIRE, have a good and happy and merry and mashed and glistening ol’ THANKSGIVING BITCHEZ



my brain is rotten. forgive me.