by heytherewildflower

Maybe this is me being a fucking cunt. SO MAYBE IT IS. but, even at CC, this fucking annoyed me, and now, I find it utterly UDDERLY detestable repugnant insipid.

fucking CC kids and their fucking travel pictures. blow your fucking load saving the world in two weeks in a country you didn’t know existed when you were ten and then TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT IT.

also, climb a mountain.

or climb a really steep hill and take pictures from a flattering vantage point. clip your gear to your shorts. open a can of beans. REPEAT.

drink a pbr and toast the silhouette of the peak of mt. kilimanjaro. rescue a llama from aids and then sheer him and make slippers for the cold winter days in the dorm.


i am a fucking cunt.

but this is something that annoyed me at CC, now it’s something that makes me want to vomit blood. especially when juxtaposed by all the OCCUPYSHIT facebooking.

that’s probably because I am really happy right now despite working a boring 9-5 job (among other cool jobs, admittedly) and I didn’t summer in Europe and then wander around Africa for the winter. But CC culture pulled it’s darndest head trip to establish this was the only way your life could possibly be worth anything.

and frankly, I find it really boring. IN THIS ECONOMY, nay, IN THIS 21ST CENTURY, exoticism isn’t rare. you are not a rare bird, young skywalker, you are weakening yourself for a killer case of aimless shit eating wanderlust for the purpose of itself and only itself and glamor and misdirection.

Trust Me. I know. I am the baby of a demented case of wanderlust and LOOK HOW I TURNED OUT.


and don’t get me wrong, traveling is great and can be totally beautiful and life changing, BUT JUST BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS CHANGED or just because you’ve taken a piss on 4 of the world’s wonders DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE ACCOMPLISHING ANYTHING, DOES NOT MAKE YOU SUPER COOL, DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GOOD HUMAN BEING, DOES NOT MAKE YOU A VALUABLE ASSET TO HUMANITY.

In my opinion, CC’s value system (or, maybe just the value system of all liberal arts colleges AND ESPECIALLY CC) venerates escapism, indulgence, self-rightousness and not taking responsibility for your actions. and traveling with this value system set within yourself is dangerous. Especially when the self rightousness is propegated to vouch for your bid to saint-hood.

you’re not a fucking saint. you’re not fucking jack kerauc. you’re fucking anybody who you can get into your hostel  bunk. you’re 22. you’re a piece of junk with a windup heart. and you’re not fooling anybody. except for your foolish peers.

REMEMBER, there is life beyond Tanzania. sit your ass down and start building.