outfit post. plus some

by heytherewildflower


BIg Fat Red Lips.
leaf clings to skeleton.
withered yellow like first piss
after a night of drinking beer
and oops, the small-ish splash of whiskey,
clings to the tree, the lacy weeping fuckers, leaves,
shivering, vulnerable. unfortunate after so long being so green.

I’d go the whole wide world
for juicy lips to bite and devour–
an Eve stumbled upon the best and evilest apple.

and it’s the eyes that always get me
the way I hate eyes always

get me. big, bright, pretty things.

jacket is eric’s. I was never too much on board the “boyfriend jeans” or the “boyfriend shirt’ or any such fake boyfriend wearables. (totally into grampa shorts and grampa flannel though.. gotta admit, guilty as I charge myself.) anyway, probably the language of the thing annoys me with the boyfriend-item marketing phenomena. probably the false fading on the jeans. probably the woman tailoring + man accents=  bullshit on my body . in fact, i detest the word, “boyfriend” —  it’s so possessive sounding, and so many people who revel in it’s use are guilty as hell for the high crime of serial monogamy (which I find repugnant.)  but Imma go ahead and say, boyfriend leather jacket really kicks ass as a concept and as a real thing. especially since it’s mine for keeps and I didn’t buy it and it came with the smell and look and feel all of its own accord. I especially like that the first time I wore it, I wore it naked. so I am not ashamed.

check it the fuck out. Seattle was motherfucking sunny today. YOU FUCKING BETCHA.

synchronicity. karma. punch me in the face with that sunshine man, cus i am longing for some costa rican michelada beach salt good vibrations.

p.s. in an effort to appreciate texas, THIS OUTFIT.

AMERICANA prom queen. AND POSE. and angry face! and seattle PALE AS FUCK.

americana got twisted.

all colors in one shot + bootay

americana + tango shoes given to me by danielle hankin + my little pony head necklace spray painted red; made by jamie made outta jamie’s old my little pony’s little pony heads. fuck yes.

Aspects of sophistication. Love and style. Spirituality and street smarts. Why do you need street smarts? Shrewdness? Toughness? It’s to protect something soft that is going to be in danger if it’s exposed at the wrong time and place. It’s to protect a soul. But to protect your soul, you have to have one to start with.

-Peter Shjeldahl