by heytherewildflower

in the movie version of the nutcracker… (the first VHS I ever owned that my parents bought for me when I scored my first goal (soccer goal) in KIndergarten…) anyway, in the mOVIE VERSION, the peacock dancer is the SPICE DANCER, because in the movie version instead of exotic SENDAK asiatic inspired dance numbers, the numbers are CANDY, anyway, THE SPICE DANCER was a belly dancer with a belly button piercing. and it was my life’s aspiration to be a belly dancing spice dancer at the ripe age of 6. it never happened. but the belly button piercing did happen at 14. and then it unhappened with the first signs of hips and tits. 17. too much is too much, ya know?

went to the Seattle Nutcracker with Eric last night. Maurice Sendak designed the costumes and the set pieces (which were oUT OF CONTROL) and Tchaikovsky broke it down hard. It was a big production. It was a big production because it is a big production, but it was also a big production because I made it into a big production. we also went “wine tasting” last night. part of the production. In preparation for the big production of a Saturday night that I produced in order to cheer myself up and to cheer eric up becuase we both work too much…and need lives…. I prepared a production of an outfit.

heres some pictures. BUT FIRST, if there is such a thing as an Ex-BMX biker Ex-punk Carpenter by trade, madman by night, practicing arranger of derangements, aspring set-maker,  BALLERINA STYLE, Perhaps I captured it in the picture below:

and heres my OUTFITZ (PARDON THE MESS OF MY ROOM) (this photoshoot has a theme and the theme of this photoshoot is high-glamor/feminine as all hell/20’s/BALLERINA MOUTH-BREATHER)


(PRETTY PARLOR SLIP, vintage lace dress piece, old shoes, max’s granny faux fur, and, IMMA ADMIT IT, urban outfitters tights. which i bought on a shopping trip effort to piss off-amuse-hurt-offend-entertain-appreciate Eric. but really just got a good 2 pairs of tights out of it and a ringing in my ear and a buzzing in my eyeballs and a feeling of twilight zone out of the experience.)

and here are the outfit RIFZ

business Gatsby (blazer, Elie Tahari)

wrong ballet… but a photoshoot with Jamie’s burlesque fans has been fated and today fate happened. on my blog. on my face.

anyway, this is the compliment to eric’s photo. since we compliment each other and shit.  The non-photoshop BLURRY mode dumb face ape version of the ballerina get up in ACTION.

best saturday ever.

* (The space in which we have dissolved– does it taste of us?)

As moonlight shines back at the sun,
he heard the call to come home, and went.

When light returns to its source,
it takes nothing
of what it has illuminated.

It may have shone on a garbage dump, or a garden,
or in the center of a human eye. No matter.

It goes, and when it does,
the open plain becomes passionately desolate,
wanting it back.