by heytherewildflower

Im just gonna say it.

I think Patti Smith is a dipshit.

there I said it.

I almost feel sorry for the memory of Rimbaud…that so many children are exposed to him via shallow beat era factoid spewing….or worse, Patti Smith’s insipid rehashing of beat era Rimbaud fixation into awful performance pieces that suck donkey balls. the absurdity of a creature called Patti Smith actually gaining success is the true entertainment value of it.


anyway, I almost feel sorry for Rimbaud, but then I remember that Rimbaud was a much larger asshole than Patti Smith, and as is the case with large assholes, that asshole was one poignant brilliant mother fucker, unlike our Patti.

one sadsack dressed in black and bad bangs. and bam, her vacant stare was so confusingly stupid, she got famous. but that’s besides the point.  I don’t feel bad for Rimbaud. He was an asshole and a genius. he had his cake.