by heytherewildflower

Who to Tell
By Dorothea Lasky

Who to tell no one cares when no one cares
No one takes the time to care for a monster

I care for monsters
But only because I am one

I go in the dark house
With the ghosts
And the ghosts take my coat off
The junkies

The other man sits slumped in the chair
Is he dead yet?
I do not know

I know that no one cares about anything
I do know that the dressing room
Is drab and grey

And my pink patterned dress
Looks ridiculous against something so truthful

Wildness is not sadness
The wilderness is not sad
It is naked

I am not
If only because
Decomposition is
Not nudity

Who to tell this?
Who do I tell when no one cares

I did not expect them to
I did not expect them to care
I am not mad

I’m not mad any longer
People eat tomatoes
People eat bread

I am a monster
I eat life

But only because I am losing mine
Into a horrible void
That for you is only an idea

I once felt better about things
I once felt better about things
When the blankness was just an idea
Like the way you still think of it

Still I don’t think love is an idea
I don’t think compassion is an idea
I don’t think babies are born out of loneliness
I don’t think the sea is cold

I only think it is cool
Cool cool sea
Blue-green mystery
Mysterious fish

If only I had been born
A fish
Instead of a monster

If only the water were my only home
I would swim so quietly
I would not say hello to you
I would no longer be sad

I would still be me though
And I would not let you catch me
For your dinner

And when you wanted to eat me for your dinner
I would disappear

I feel that it is my divine duty to force experimental female poets onto the world of people who read this blog: population 10. It is also my divine duty to whore theThepoetry.com cus it’s my favorite! I didn’t even know it was more or less Seattle based until I got here! and tada! IT IS! Anyhow, theTHE just featured Dorothea Lasky’s poem, Who to Tell,  #poested above, and since I wrote a good chunk of my thesis on her…I decided, why don’t I combine my eggs into one blogsket? HAHA!

I make bad punz=POET?

no. =fool.

On the theme of  wildness not being sadness and monster iz ME

today I dressed like a lumberjack tango lobster. Since I work from home, it is likely that the 1% of the ten people who read this will be the one and only lucky one to have and eat the cake of my self indulgent dress-up.


I have facial expressions.

I have balancing skills.

I am a monster
I eat life