New Years and stuff

by heytherewildflower

This is my new years outfit the day after new years…. so I look mildly cracked out and not put together and not wearing a tiara as was the original state of the outfit. I bought this dress 70% off and it’s original cost was 900$. I bought it a few years ago…but never liked how it fit. Last year I cut it up and made it into a swing skirt. still, I was not quite satisfied with my DIY efforts. the dress has just always reeked of dowdiness or pregnancy, but SPARKLY! and ocean-y! catch-22. Obsessed with the beautiful shimmery fabric layers, but not so much the pregnancy effect. not so much the fact that it basically hung two inches below the knees— and I pride myself on being your lady of the bootay shorts and babydoll dresses. knee length is just not for me. SO! swing skirt! but no, it hung funny even then…. and I couldn’t find the right crop top to wear with it. so 3 YEARS LATER I’ve finally managed to figure out something to do with it (with the help of Ms. jamie of course.) I took the sheer skirt sash, sewed it into a halter top situation thereby lifting the skirt into babydoll territory… gathered the skirts at the back creating the covetable skirt mullet shape that is SO IN THIS SEASon….cut up a bra, sewed the cups in….and WALLA (look up “WALLA” on urbandictionary, its a REAL THANG, yo.) anyway, VOILA…


new years dress. HOWEVER due to its dark princess mermaid fairy tale dark blackness, I had difficulty capturing the details with just a shitty few photo booth shots, so bear with me and the pictures, or do not. take your EXIT. That’s the upper right hand corner TO YOU, sir.

worn with silk blazer my mom had made when we lived in Shanghai, worn with calvin klein spike kitten pumps. worn with belt and without belt at various junctures of the evening depending on the raucousness of the dancing, and by dancing, I mean TWIRLING, and by belt, I mean gayest cummerbund ever.

Happy New Years! I LOVE YOU!

I spent mine with Eric at gasworks park (which is on the water and overlooks the entire seattle skyline.) It was crazy times with cheap champagne but rich in fabric and a very handsome accessory.

This year I resolve to ride the wave of irresolution and be happy.

“It is a curious thing, but the ideas of one generation become the
instincts of the next. We are all of us. largely, the embodied ideas
of our grandmothers, and, without knowing it, we behave as such. It is
odd that the grafting works so quietly, but it seems to. Let the ideas
change rapidly, and there follows a correspondingly rapid change in
humanity. We become what we think. Worse still, we become what our
grandmothers thought. And our children’s children will become the
lamentable things that we are thinking. Which is the psychological
visiting of the sins of the fathers upon the children. For we do not
become just the loft or beautiful thoughts of our grandmothers. Alas
no! We are the embodiment of the most potent ideas of our progenitors,
and these ideas are mostly private ones, not to be admitted in public,
but to be transmitted as instincts and as the dynamics of behavior to
the third and fourth generation. Alas for the thing that our
grandmothers brooded over in secret, and willed in private. That thing
we are.”

DH Lawrence from Sex, Literature and Censorship 

my grandmothers = me?

I’ll take it!