Lady in red GETS HERS

by heytherewildflower


7. Be present. Yoga also says this. If yoga and improv say this, it must be the truest of truths. Not being present in a scene is the real-life nightmare of showing up to a test for which you haven’t studied (and you are naked and your crush is noticing you for the first time and there is shrinkage). Not being present in a yoga pose means you have probably fallen on your sacrum or your shockra or your perineum.

7a. Writing takeaway: When talking about Elizabeth Bishop one day, my poetry teacher, Jennifer Michael Hecht, said she believed only in work created with a high level of concentration. Install the hilariously-named “Freedom” program that turns off the Internet; place your phone in a drawer; put up a sign that says “Mining coal“; do whatever you have to do to be present with your writing. Go into the blowjob room if you have to.