by heytherewildflower

Since I spent my teenage years in China and then Costa Rica… I didn’t entirely have the normal teenage experience. NAY, scratch that. My teenage experience was FUCKING BIZARRE. Arriving at college in Colorado made me feel isolated from the experience of my fellow college revelers. One feature of this was I had a mini crisis derived from confusion about attractiveness. In Costa Rica if you put a blonde wig on a tree trunk 300% more ratdogs will piss on it. Im serious. I was convinced for a month or two that my only good feature was blondness and that I’d only ever be attractive in Costa Rica. I got over that one pretty quick…but that is a different story.

One thing that was normal about my teenagerdom was a knee-jerk rebellious tendency. In otherwords, FUCK EVERYTHING AND YOUR MOM was  the zeitgeist of my times. This, I hear, is normal.

One nice thing is I am getting to do an american teenager experience with Tavi’s new blog magazine situation “RookieMag“. Currently they are winding down their January Bowie themed issue. before Bowie, it was TEEN-WITCH, GIRL-GANG, HOME…etc.

I am obsessed with it. and the staff of 40 features a twentysomethingyearold poet or two. so thats cool.

for the record, when it comes to child-prodigy-girl fashion bloggers, and how they’re turning out, there is one way to go, like, say, empowering and inspiring tons of girls and women and starting a fucking SASSY ASS MAGAZINE, and then there is that other way….

what say… dating a neonindian twat who talks about himself in the third person, perfecting the pouty face, launching a mediocre collection of dumb shoes with stolen design via urbanoutfitters, and developing an”INSANE” fetish for things that are quirky, appear to be quirky, and the concept of “quirkiness” in general…

heres looking at you SEA OF…