MANIC PIXIE dream girl (MPDG)

by heytherewildflower

…the most pernicious of these cinematic sweethearts is far and away Natalie Portman’s irksome moppet in Garden State.

I hated that character from the second she flounced on the screen. I remember distinctly Portman telling Zach Braff’s character that she was “weird” and then doing a silly little dance to illustrate her “weirdness.” Honestly? Anyone who telegraphs their so-called weirdness so outlandishly is not actually weird, they’re merely quirky enough to be vaguely interesting without having their own thing going on. They’re completely mainstream but have one really big tattoo, or occasionally sing really loud in the shower! “Oh, Natalie,” the A.V. Club writes, “your unconventional ways are so inspiring, and your beauty is surprisingly non-threatening!”