by heytherewildflower

what a fucking weekend from clusterfuckville.

Love is a nervous habit. Haven’t many said so? Snacking. Smoking. Talking. Joking. Alike as light bulbs. Drinking. Drugging. Frigging. Fucking. Writing. Forgetting. Nerves, nerves, nerves.

William Gass

This weekend I learned the word “blavus”. It means the blue of a bruise that is turning yellow– and the hint of green that blushes beneath.

Also, Kyla visited. along with Kyla, fiction and poetry writers from Missoula, Montana’s MFA program also visited. and stuff. I guess the non-implicit thing I learned from this was how to spell Missoula (and also that I’d like to visit Kyla in Missoula which I have decided to do starting on Tuesday.) Kyla brought me a present. The present is a coloring book she drew up and put together and photocopied.

here is one of my renditions of her glorious Kyla-ness.

I tried to draw the night sky blavus colored but the human skin is something  inimitable.