long time no post cus…

by heytherewildflower

too many things to say? or too few things to say? or  brain is too fried? or O CANADA destroyed my capacity for proper humanoid communication?

THese are the only two valentines day images I don’t find to be (overly) offensive. In Colorado Springs I could successfully make peace with valentines day and wear my red flower dress and make people sarcastic cards and bake a cake…and I wouldn’t feel like a dumdum cus as long as you avoid the grocery store…only three stores downtown give a shit about valentines day so it is not quite the same experience as the vomit inducing fervor of the urban experience. In Costa Rica, nobody cared either (because nobody ever cares about anything there…)

So I am finding this whole experience rather abrasive and discomfiting. But I like pink and red as colors. and I like hearts. so I am doing my best not to be a crazy bitch with parade raining cunt agenda.

The End.