by heytherewildflower

Today is turning out to be one of those days in which the world is my enemy. Still jobless. Still full of options. Still overwhelmed by the options. Still want to fucking tear somebody’s eyeballs out and use them as subtle thickener for vegan soup over rice. still feel like giving up and running away and lying on my back in the middle of the ocean with only a maitai for company until a shark decides to eat me.

This is super fucking melodramatic. and I hope it is at least entertaining for somebody other than myself. Theres two types of misery. incapacitating misery and misery to languish in.

RIght now I am languishing. which doesn’t mean I am actually miserable. Just a poor little white girl. emphasis on the poor. emphasis on the useless.

I will write you a sonnet for a small asking price of 7$. sandwich money.

I’ll write you the next great American novel for a small asking price of one pair of perfect and beautiful higher than knee high boots. 3,000$.

I’ll write you an elegiac ode for the price of a casket. I don’t know how much those cost, but ask whitney houston’s family.

I am too lazy and useless to be PC but too much of a cunt to drop my feminist agenda. This means I hate Chris Brown but love the word SLUTS

sluts sluts sluts sluts SLUTS

I hate everyone. and pinterest is stupid. I am stupid for getting a pinterest and doing it all morning. fuck



What does Die Antwoord have to say to all the people who think you are a joke?

Ninja: I say they are totally right. I laugh myself to sleep every night. We’ll see them at the show.