by heytherewildflower

This is the big misconception: if you are aware of a problem, and articulate it, even only to yourself, you have as good as solved it. TOTAL BULL!! Both psychoanalysis and hipster irony depend on this idea. You cannot cure yourself of a behavioral illness just by recognizing it, just as you cannot absolve lame/childish taste by making fun of yourself for indulging it. If anything, the false empowerment of naming the thing makes it more insidious and acceptable.

You get what you deserve.

-Kate Riley (Yale MFA poetry grad and twitter virtuoso )

(she would probably think I am a piece of shit- but my announcing this premonition does not exempt me from being an actual piece of shit? I guess? I don’t know. She oscillates between being too awesome for my brain and too complicated for how much effort my brain wants to invest in twitter.)