the good stuff

by heytherewildflower

As far as I am concerned, there is ONLY ONE MILLA and her last name is JOVOVICH.

that other one can go to hell in a hand basket because this one here wears vintage Elie Saab and stars in movies called “RESIDENT EVIL” and “RESIDENT EVIL APOCALYPSE” in which she wears shreds and shoots people with her eyeballs whilst wearing said shreds. Also there was that other time she wore a boob harness/bodysuit made of what looks like industrial bandaids. and orange hair to cap it off.

moving along, here is some stuff i like from the fashion month and whatever…

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this is a ramshackle mix of gucci, isabel marant, prada, peter som, vivienne westwood, christopher kane, balenciaga, issey miyake, badgley mischka, givenchy, marni, celine and rodarte and moschino.

RTW 2012

clearly the world has alined itself with my platonic ideals of red and blue mixing. ALSO, Badgley Mischka’s collection is inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. ALSO, butterfly iridescence. really darn pretty. ALSO, whatever the fuck Vivienne Westwood is up to. sure, cool.