stuff and things

by heytherewildflower

two things. i bought a velvet glitter collar from stella rose saint claire. She is a blogger and Seattle fashion icon who moved to new york right around the time i moved to seattle. Recently she was featured on thesartorialist and has scored the Lanvin F/W print (as in, she modeled for it). I had a girl crush on her when I first found out about her when I moved here…and then I learned that she was a close friend of my roommate’s. I believe that you vote with your money and I try to only spend money as a means of voting for people and things and companies that I like and believe in.

So Shoot Me for the UO tights…and I own one pair of American Apparel Underwear. SO SHOOT ME.

my point is, Stella is awesome and beautiful. and even more so in person than in print if only for the positive and lovely aura about her.

I am too exhausted today to figure out what to wear with the velvet glitter collar (which, incidentally, uses the same glitter as the famous miu miu glitter booties) BUT

here is a picture of a cat wearing it.

In other other news, I finally got my hair back to its real natural color. except the bottom part which is still unnatural and silly. but thats ok. nobody cares about tips anyway. so… my hair and my goofy tired face with its unfocused eyes

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