“ Knowledge is not for knowing: knowledge is for cutting. ”

by heytherewildflower

The moonshapes toil through the nights– I thought then the moon only wears her mortality // GALWAY KINNELL

it seems to me, the sort of people talking about this thing CREATIVITY who don’t actually actively make anything that falls under the mass umbrella label called ART… tend to think of CREATIVITY as something you have or don’t have. or as something that is measurable in each human.

When you start to produce something that qualifies as art, you recognize that there is no such thing as creativity. there is just people who seek out the ways by which ideas are connected. if you don’t train yourself to seek out these connections, then you’re probably just slow or far too practical for your own good.

practicality is fine. there is nothing ostensibly wrong with it. just that…it stunts  your brain. practicality is the condom for potential. a pure and practical mind is like a limp dick. no pleasure. no production.

better sexy and racy than sexist and racist.

better alive than dead.

better a lot of things