styling the glitter collar

by heytherewildflower


glitter music. appropriate for the task at hand.

Even though the glitter  collar is the only new thing I’ve bought for myself in about 5 months, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to wear it. Since buying it I’ve come to realize that I don’t own very many shirts or dresses that actually work with the glitter collar. This is because most of my shirts and dresses were bought to accomodate the boobs. When I first started to have this problem (THE BOOB PROLEM), picking clothing items that did not contribute to the uni stupid chest situation was a real issue. Now I do it without thinking. I’ll have to apply my brainpower to solving the problem of wearing Stella’s fabulous collar despite my situation. I think this means work shirts and wire bras with zero lining. Ladies with my dilemma: I salute you. Jumping rope and detachable collars shall not defeat us! Ladies with small boobs: Seriously jealous.

worn with blue velvet dress and purple tights. gray peter pan ankle boots also (but you can’t see ’em so I guess it doesn’t matter).