Under 12, Over 40

by heytherewildflower

I don’t often do street style posts because I’ve never owned a camera. The iphone is a revelation of 2012. and perhaps a sign of the apocalypse. In the past, I’ve considered investing in a nice camera for the purpose of doing street style shots. I don’t care to be competitive about it. I am not a photographer. Never wanted to be. As usual, my reasons for this are dumb and rebellious. I am so irrationally stubborn that in high school when everyone who was anybody started to get all hot and bothered about photography… I was resolutely subject to and not orchestrator of (moments of photography).

The revelation of the iphone has resulted in my first facebook album and now my first sporadic street style post! MORE TO COME!

Moving along, this morning I left for work in quite a lethargic mood. In other words, unexcited to be alive and unexcited to be getting on a bus and unexcited about the prospect of going to work. Perhaps noticing my halo of gloom, the bum sitting on the bus next to me made a point to catch my attention, saying, “Well, today is not as beautiful as yesterday…but I think the gray sky brings out the colors in the flowers, don’t you agree?”

I had to agree.

This post is 100% inspired by the little girl pictured below. I was walking home from work this grey Seattle day and spotted a tiny ray of color in the distance. Moving point of beauty.

I caught up to her and her mother just as she was ascending the stairs that lead up to the Pike St Market. Her name is Bea.

It is my belief that true style only belongs to girls under 12 or women over 40. Anything in between is overly controlled/styled/self conscious; for the most part, too heavily and uninterestingly influenced.

I don’t mean this as an insult. (not to myself or anyone between the ages of 12-40 because obviously this includes just about all of the girls/women I know and love.)