by heytherewildflower

Mister Sebastian sent me an email this morning. Now, folks who read this blog, WHAT SAY YOU? contribute. spin your wheels. feed me ideas. feed yourself to your ideas. feed the ideas to sebastian. send him an email. Read what he sent me (posted below)

Dear Ali,

It was absolutely wonderful chatting with you the other night. I always find it cathartic to talk with you, and despite our obviously disparate lives these days, we have such fundamentals in common that I thank my lucky stars that we’re friends and that we keep in touch. shmoosy?? It’s a slow day at work…for now.

Let me get to the point: I know I’ve said this many times but I (and Max) want the spacial cadet society to become a real-life creative project. There’s not too much I can speak to in terms of specifics right now, but the baseline I’m playing around with (at least for now):

– a creative collective (artists in residency, creative sourcing from people we know and meet)
– create tangible things (products, clothing, literature, affordable good art) We will start with the hats. MAKING HATS and selling them.
– a workshop/studio
– a gallery curated by me and Max (and others)
– for-profit (or at the very least able to grow)

I believe that it will have to start digitally and work it’s way, as a weekend project, into a physical space. Not just a wordpress, but a website, regularly updated with original content. I want it to be amateur, without being bad and “amateur”. No bad art, just underground pop-culture and newcomers. A place for you, max, and other creative types we know to debut their works. But, unlike a forum, a space just to “dump”, or something like that, it will be curated and maintained.

Max and I have also discussed the notion of “collaboration”. We want it to be individuals coming together to create a 3rd independent entity. That is, not simply putting someone’s work under the spacial cadet banner, but rather creating something completely new. What I don’t want is: give us your work unconditionally and we’ll passively debut it and take partial credit. That way, as I see it, we won’t ever inadvertently take credit for something we don’t actually do.

I don’t want this to be “my thing” (or max and my thing), because alone, I am not “an artist”, a writer, a trend goblin, or a party monster. Despite that I have a good aesthetic eye and am decent at rendering certain things with a pencil and paper, I have no “skillz” to speak of. Except, that I love to bring people together…which might not count…

I’m working on a brief manifesto – nothing too special or concrete – just a framework to build a business model on.

In a perfect world, we would have a gallery space/bar/partyzone, a small printing press/publishing component for periodicals, a studio, a classroom, and a storefront.

This is my dream.

Now, you ask, smiling as you do: “why are you telling me this, Sebastian?”

Because I want to formally invite you into this project and ask for your help. I have no specifics, obviously, but I’ve been talking with Max about it and I think we’re actually going to pursue this in a real way. He gets to the states June 3rd, and I’d like to start assembling things as close to immediately as possible. What I can say, is that I want your ideas, criticism, creativity, and brain-thoughts. I want your poetry and your love of beauty. You ran the leviathan. I want to have conference calls with you and max and whoever else and build this together.

I want your voice, however much you want to give.

As-Salaam Alaykym,