by heytherewildflower

“You should never be anyone’s … slave, except mine”

“He is extremely solicitous and apologetic for a sadist, always asking the book’s young heroine about every minute gradation of her feelings, and bringing her all kinds of creams and lotions to soothe her after spanking her. He is, in other words, the easiest difficult man of all time.”

A month or so back, Newsweek ran an article (whose corresponding photo inhabited the cover) called, “THE FANTASY LIFE OF WORKING WOMEN”.

The article talks about the increasingly prevalent tendency of smart pop-culture to highlight female submission fantasies. The article makes the argument that 21st century career women crave dominance because they are confused by their own (supposed) dominance in the collegial world and workplace. The article suggests this trend is yet another symptom of our fetishizing the past…. it suggests The Modern Woman feels “guilty or skittish” about taking what she wants in life (be it sex, high profile career, wealth… reputation, whatever).


but what if the modern working woman finds herself so unchallenged by the 21st century male lazy bones, she constructs for herself the high fantasy of … a man who might contest her? and she demands it be acted out during sex? To feel  the masculine presence more profoundly? and painfully? because she has forgotten it? because man as her counterpart and compliment has become little more than myth?

Sure, the western career woman may still be vastly uncomfortable in her skin as such.

Sure, she may be skittish.

But maybe the dominant fantasy of a working woman is of a man who thinks, performs, and conducts life equally. Equality of performance is more and more infrequent both at home and in the office. In this 21st century of ours, in order to earn independence and respect, truth is, women must out-think, out-maneuver and out-perform her counterpart. A trend for relinquishing control and poise in the bedroom seems obvious. An intelligent and ambitious woman seeks challenge. Holy truth of the our western world born forth by Fifty Shades of Grey?