Hungry Coyote: EAT, PREY AND LOVE

by heytherewildflower

A few days ago I posted some thoughts regarding Newsweek’s “The Fantasy Life of Working Women” article. I had a lot of opinions. not quite so many as there are ass holes in this world, but still a lot. I STAND BY THEM. That granted, I would like to make an aside.

This article made its debut on site, “The Daily Beast”. This morning I started reading through some of the comments.

My favorite comment was posted by drunk German pontificating on his sexual submission tendencies and politically moderate leanings. He is a bad ass. While I disagree with him, HE IS A BAD ASS. and, you know, maybe I don’t entirely disagree with him.

6 Days Ago

“i have submission fantasies because i’m a strong independent woman in real life but in the bedroom is just like the opposite and nobody tells me what todo bla bla bla”
whatever makes you feminists sleep better at night, EVERY(95%+) woman likes to get smacked around in bed even the ones that aren’t “strong independent career women.”
i should know best that there are no fuckign dominant women because i’m a submissive male. actually, there’s an interestin story for feminist liberals.. you see i’m 19 years old and german and growing up with public school and nickelodeon, the simpsons, family guy, i had already subconsciously formed political views before i even knew anything about politics, history or economics because all of those shows are filled with liberal propaganda, with 13 i was ripe to be a che-wearing idiot who doesn’t know anything about politics yet is a vegetarian, who was basically a “fuck you daddy” type, meaning i hated the pope and president bush was a nazi because they were representing something traditional. I wasn’t very politically active, i just had those opinions subconsciously formed through watching tv shows like the simpsons. since i didn’t know much about politics i wasn’t aware that feminism is a left-wing issue and being straight submissive(my earliest sexual fantasies were sm-oriented) i was women as being in charge and dominant, i never saw them as weak or in need of protection, i saw that reinforced in my environment with teachers, and the first female chancellor etc. so when i saw things like “female parking spots” or when our school offered special things for girls or when i was flipping through some political talk show and saw some cnt named ‘alice schwarzer’ i raged internally with the same rage that i had for everything traditional like the pope. i was, like the unabombers accurately described hating everything strong and successful. the same subsconscious programming in children tv programming that shapes impressionable minds into leftism shaped me into anti-feminism and that anti-feminism would eventually lead me to break free from the shakles of mainstream american leftism imposed upon my mind.
it was quite liberating… i’m at the moment very far out from any mainstream political view left or right, in lean economically left but culturally right.. but still very moderate in both directions.. that coupled with the fact that i still don’t know enough about these issues to form a solid opinion. but that’s just a side issue, the point here is women are submissive because it’s fricking natural, they’re born that way. isn’t that a big slogan for you drones? now i’d say my submissive sexuality is ‘unnatural’ if we are to define ‘natural’ as ‘normal’ whereby normal is good since normality arises out of evolution, it is normal to have 2 eyes because one alone won’t help you survive etc. my other point is that shows like drake&josh, simpsons etc. portray very anti-traditional views with bossy women(i had a good time mastubating to miranda cosgrove, when you google her name the first thing that pops up is ‘miranda cosgrove feet’ obviously i’m not the only one who saw her as being very dominant in d&j) and weak men not to mention all the other leftist programming in individual episodes(very common in the simpsons) manipulates young people into political views that they cannot yet comprehend… nickelodeon actually admits its leftist bias and the ceo of viacom is a democrat. when i compare fox news and nickelodeon on an evilness scale, i have no doubt that both are disgusting techno-oligarchs but i would actually say that nickelodeon is more evil than fox because fox news viewers are adults and should know better and so in a sense ‘deserve’ to be prey while nickelodeon viewers are incapable of knowing better and so easy prey. both use a lot of manipulation and propaganda.. first realizing this when i was 16 while reading the manifesto of the unabomber who pinned it when he said that the leftist hates everything strong and successful.

now going on a femdom article on wikipedia, some feminist cntbag writes
“Some feminists, such as Robin Morgan, view male submission as an expression of “envy” of “what they think women experience”, regardless of the man’s sexual orientation.” you get paid for vomiting this GARBAGE? sounds like an excellent fking job. i doubt ms.morgan even contemplated the idea of asking a man, noo you just make assumptions in your ivory tower. anyways i thought we are all ‘born that way’ when it comes to sexuality(which i don’t believe 100%, i think nature-nurutre both plays a lot into it).. also thedailybeast/newsweek is disgusting and aimed at the loewst common denominator just look at the desperate sensationalistic dailymail-style covers they use, this article is nothing but an attempt to further destroy the natural/normal family structure and manipulate women into cheating on their hubsands or to leave him because ‘they have to find themselves’ alá “eat, prey and love”, i hope the owner of this sickening magazine dies from cancer…

i’m sort of tipsy-drunk right now and english isn’t my first language but i still mean everything in here sincerly)


I would like this book a whole lot better than the originating swill. WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE WRITE IT or do I have to do everything myself? By the by, for niks and shiggles, what do you think kids, would your guru be a dom or sub in the sack? Don’t be offended. I know you’ve thought about it before…