And now take a moment to appreciate the Japanese…

by heytherewildflower

This is pretty much my philosophy for  books and clothing items. and humans.

along the same theme, Jamie just made me this alice in wonderland harajuku acid trip babydoll dress. It matches our couch cushions. I will never take it off and I shall name it fluffy.

hi couch! let’s be frieeenz

She bought the fabric in a little Asian market down town. When I saw the dress in the works I just had to have it because it reminds me so much of my childhood! It is such a strange mix of traditional and contemporary Japanese aesthetics. As in the Japanese country side where I spent my girlhood. hOLLA Tateyama!

I love the origami patchwork of fabrics– and I LOVE the shape, which is Western but has been adopted by Japanese Lolita Harajuku girls, and I love the little bow which is sort of Sailor Moon and sort of 100% Jamie, and finally, I love that this dress is acid green and trippin’ on crazy. I am proud  that the ethos of Japan influences my style and my eye for aesthetics almost more than anything else. Therefore I am bragging about it and self-aggrandizing and all of that good stuff.

Try not to take it too seriously– once it stops being fun its not worth it. Too much good taste is boring. “Wear What You Want TM”.

Peace brothers.

“I know that those things, that scarf, that painting, that kimono, that ring, that past self—whatever happens to them physically, they exist for as long as I can remember them, or am capable of remembering that I once remembered them, or can know that I’ve forgotten them.”