two things

by heytherewildflower

I am too busy to write a lot these days… but two things happened. The first thing is very sad and makes my heart ache, and the second thing looks good on my face and helps me read not with a book glued directly to my eyeballs with one eye closed (and also it helps me not makeout with strangers or have 30 minute conversations with the wrong person).

fires in boulder, csprings, and all over,


I got glasses.



send a pair of these castelbajac suckers my way (photo of shoes by WendyB who actually owns them!)  and then I’ll wear them with Jamie’s Castelbajac coat!!

and then everything will be beautiful and festive and nothing will be ugly. and there will be no fires gobbling up my beloved Colorado mountains…as I strut around my kitchen in my new glasses, stolen coat, and smirking face.

FUNFACTS: once I made out with a total random stranger who I thought, for a full 45 minutes, was the guy I was hooking up with at the time… I literally couldn’t tell the difference between two faces…and it took my friend Christina about 15 minutes to convince me he was not the guy I’d been hooking up with for a month… the real guy wasn’t very happy with me but forgave quickly.

FUNFACTS: twice last year I got myself embroiled in hour long conversations (which included names and direct references to past conversations) with the wrong person… (both times the people involved went along with me for quite a while before breaking the news that they were not, in fact, who I thought I was having a conversation with)

FUNFACT: Moving to Seattle (where I know virtually nobody) has lowered the daily instances of me having awkward minute long staring contests with people cus I think I recognize them but am not sure if I recognize them…therefore cannot decide if I should say hello or not…by about 99%. (Sometimes I still think I recognize people I know…even though I know like 20 people in this entire city)

To be perfectly honest, the only reason I haven’t gotten glasses sometime in the last 3 years is because I haven’t found the perfect pair, or, couldn’t afford the perfect pair (THESE). In other words: PURE FUCKING VANITY. SO SHOOT ME. between the eyeballs because it’ll show off my new glasses!

FUNFFACT: I’ve been planning a sexy librarian/leather tramp burlesque piece in my head (to De Staat’s Sleep Tight) for about 2 months… and now that I have the glasses…possibility is endless

I went to school and learned that I get agitated
You follow rules and then, they call you educated
You get your freedom as soon as you’re assimilated
“Just be like him, her, this, that, them, those”

Sleep tight, sleep tight
Sleep tight, ooh
Sleep tight, sleep tight
Sleep ti-hi-hi-hight