SOrt of an update

by heytherewildflower

– I can’t stop reading gallery girls reviews. Sometimes I watch the actual show but I’ve never seen a whole episode. I can’t make it through! Sifting through the comments and reactions is absolutely PRICELESS and better entertainment than the actual show. If you want to watch the honest to goodness show, I suggest youtubing the very worst of the soundbites. Bang for buck. These gallery girls are trife– weak human beings– intolerably smug. Fashion bloggers are finally bested by an even more sickening brand of evil girl.

And trust me, I don’t exempt myself from judgment.

-Heading to Portland for the weekend to switch things up. (RE= to scratch my escapist itch)

-Feeling sorta lonely and nostalgic lately now that I am not so busy

-This is the slowest work day of MY LIFE

-Last night I dreamed I gave birth. Apparently my dream self didn’t notice she was pregnant…and some twilight shit happened. and  gave birth like WHAMO ….BIRTH. baby girl. in my dream. Then somebody stole my baby and my stomach was all stretched out and empty like an empty moleskin sack and I couldn’t find my baby! I was a horrible mother. inept. incapable. Furthermore,  I couldn’t get back to my baby to make up for my failings because I was broke and couldn’t afford the train. The train to nowhere? To stolen babyland? I don’t know.

It was horrible. I woke up crying. I feel that this is a signal from the universe to lay off the baby fever. Like, I should no longer even look at babies let alone hold not-even-a-day-old babies which was a mistake I made two weeks ago.

Also, in case you care, which you probably don’t,  which, for your sake, I hope you don’t, I plan on wearing these two items together all fall:

HUZZAH! clash my ass off in head to toe leather.

Forgive me for the shitty photos and intention-less formatting. Right now my brain feels like a drone took a shit in it.