Father and Daughter

by heytherewildflower

She’d obviously been thinking. “Daddy,” she said thoughtfully, “do you realize that Herb died on the very day that you became half his age? And that, for that matter, even though today is the thirteenth and I myself happen to be thirteen, in two days it will be seven days until I become exactly two sevenths your age. Which is weird because at that point I will be two times seven and you are seven squared  and Herb was two times seven squared, which of course also means that I will have become one seventh of Herb’s age. And what’s really weird, if you think about it” –-clearly she’d been dwelling on all this, up there in the window her mind had been racing– “half of seven is 3.5 and you are going to be 3.5 times as old as me, or phrased differently, 35 years older than me.”

I looked at her for a few long seconds and finally said, “Sara, get a life.”

~Lawrence Weschler, Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences