tender is the night

by heytherewildflower

I am currently reading Tender is the Night by F Scott Fitzgerald. The lethargic opulence is gross to me. I know I would’ve loved this book at any other phase of my life… and I know it will probably be tolerably enjoyable in a few years, but for the time being, I can’t enjoy it even if I know it is a portrait of a (high) corrupt  society …and disgusting on purpose.

On that note… lately all I wear is sweaters, school girl skirts, the Alexander Wang utility skirt, or simple pants. blue, grey, black and red… with varying themes on color play. After the photo of my recently altered trench (altered in anticipation of winter), is an example.

sewed gold navy buttons onto favorite jaeger trench I barely wore last winter. beautiful trench… just the old thing’s silly thrift store replacement buttons kept falling off. i like it better with the gold. special thanks to katie for teaching me how to anchor buttons hardcore!

I wore blue shoes.

And my face sure is on theme with the color scale. You betcha. For a while, Moonrise kingdom inspired me to use a lurid/cleopatra/sea blue/azure eyeshadow  (which Jen mixed) paired with dior’s waterproof blue mascara. But then I discovered Jen’s Burlesco Divino eye shadow palette … so now I am using an eye shadow she mixed called “wine stain”. I have not worn eyeshadow since middle school. Jen is so good she is making my face revolt against long standing minimalist makeup tendencies.

Also, the shenanigans in my hair is a rusty pin found during my walk to work. My co-worker calls it “road treasure”. I tacked it to a bobby pin using gem tack …this is now modus operandi for my hair accessories. Any random item is subject to the whim. Try it! You don’t have to be talented to glue shit to bobby pins. You don’t have to be talented to sew on buttons. The best opulence is cheap and easy.

I have a lot more pictures I want to share stored on my iphone. Really great ones of Julien with the bat pumpkin lantern I carved for him (emblematic of his new baby sister, Stella)… and another great photo of Eric with Julien in his lap,  both perched on his (stationary) motorcycle. I forgot my itunes password. oh well. I’ll post them soon. Allyson is my favorite, and so are her babies.

Love to you all!