Cat Marnell?

by heytherewildflower

I know Cat Marnell is an old interwebs debate. A long controversial figure. The only reason I haven’t said anything about her is because I can’t wrap my head around her long enough to wrap my head around an opinion. I am not a huge fan of The Beats, poets or otherwise. It took me a while to be able to talk about them indifferently because I loved them so much in early high school. After loving them so much, I hated them a whole lot. I had a similar falling out with ee cummings. and maybe I even resented sylvia plath for a while. Never gave Anne Sexton a chance (until recently, but now I love her sexy, crazy ass!)

I’ll never even like the beats again, let alone love them, the way I used to– I hate the atrophy. It makes me sad. Their lives weren’t glamorous… they were gross. They broke the system but didn’t rebuild it with anything all that spectacular. Thanks for the GROUND ZERO buddies, thanks but no thanks for your lazy prose poems.

cummings is different. i forgive him for his years wandering around a college campus pretending to be a bum (a trust fund bum). i forgive him for the obnoxious pointed use of lower case (SERVES TO PURPOSEFULLY CALL ATTENTION TO HIS LACK OF EGO WHICH ITSELF IS WAY EGOTISTICAL AND TOTAL BALONEY, that deer sweet ee cummings!). but i forgive him. i ((love) his tender heart. losing is less than winning but love is more than love.

Sylvia is a genius. It’s not her fault she became a heroic martyr figure for melodramatic aspiring female artists. I was only mad at her for like a second though, anyway.

AND CAT MARNELL. She is no genius, no writer, at least not yet… but I can’t decide if she might be doing something that needs to be done in order to shift perspective for the better. She sure as hell doesn’t glorify her drug addiction. She serves herself to us, flaws and all, on a platter. Like Salome calling for her own head. She finds herself disgusting, and her success, undeserved.  Writing about it is her way of punishing herself! THe more she hates herself, and hates her own success, the more she writes about what a mess she is! and her audience thinks she is repulsive! She just doesn’t know what else to do with herself. It’s like she is parodying herself cry for help!

What do you MAKE OF THAT?

I hate HATE HATE people who glamorize the life of the tragic/drug addicted artist. Romanticization of drug use/alcoholism is sad, boring, and basically evil. Half assing your own life in the guise of tragic artist is laziness perfected. I DESPISE DETEST it.

but what about Cat Marnell who is so self destructive she manages to be successful in the service of punishing herself publicly?! It sure is psychotic… but then again… amphetmmine

I dunno.