moving again

by heytherewildflower

Every time I move I am confronted by the overwhelming number of “treasures” (nicknacks) TREASURES- fabric, rocks, shells, jewelry, clothing items, paintings, postcards, letters, prints … etc, that I own and all in various states of disrepair (RE: I move A LOT! and it is terrible for earthly possessions… knocks them about real savage like! Humans don’t show their wear quite so externally).

Anyway, I’ve reached the point: I can’t hardly bear to let go of items that especially remind me of my life, people, beautiful memories. The clothing is different though! Hoarded clothing items aren’t so pretty to look at unless you mount them centrally and specially. I do that with my  kimono, my shoes and hats, but that’s it (that’s it!)

I have all this awesome garbage from college party outfits… and I love these silly little things…and would wear the schmatta still if I were living in the land of perpetual college or living the life hedonistic in New York City or something… but my daily style is so pared down lately…  why keep it?

It takes up space. I don’t treat it right. Don’t take care of it. I have two huge boxes set for local vintage stores…  I’ve taken almost every single thing out and put it back into the box again so many times. I mean, embroidered DaNang cargo pants? I love them… but I don’t foresee more than 2 wears in the next year. I have a separate pile for beautiful cloth/embroidered shit/tapestries/rags I’ve collected over the years- these I am less separatist about. I am signed up for a quilting class.

I hate giving my  memories away. Who knows what phase will come over me a week from now. But the designer pieces need homes that will love them better than I do.

…The ridiculous middle ground is party clothes that are in such a ragged state… Either I keep them or to the dumpster they go… oh first world conundrums! I feel like a dog owner giving away puppies 😦

except not puppies. useless bullshit.

But this is the kinda shit I wear every day more or less…

haha! I am SO GREAT AT POSING! I call this pose… THE MOVING IN 10 DAYS HEART ATTACK (with tango shoes.)