YOU DON’T OWN ME (eyebrow pop)

by heytherewildflower


god damnit i was so hoping not to get riled up by this political season.


Speaking of nobody owning anybody, check out this quote by Tavi Gevinson on Miley Cyrus/Pussycat Dolls/BritneySpears sexuality via their performance style (constructed by a team):

“Is that really empowerment? It’s easy to call it that because it makes the ladies performing feel powerful for a moment, but I don’t know that an ego boost is the same as actual progress. (Plus, if it’s LIBERATION, why aren’t non-conventionally-attractive people ever getting liberated?)”

Well, on my end, just because sex and sexuality is super confusing because it has been super confused over the millennia doesn’t mean that sex is the singular thing that makes life most worth living. I like it a lot, and all–

to talk about and to have it is great, great fun. Sometimes I think plucking unibrow hairs is fun.

and I consider myself to have a higher than average libido ( because being obsessive, both about things that I like and about things that confuse me, is a major part of my personality). My point is, it’s empowering to feel autonomous. And channeling a sexuality that has been constructed by something external (be it your publicity team, Lana Del Ray, or an advertising agency, bar maidens in beer commercials, or a dude, quirky artistic girl who talks about her “pussy”) then you are not autonomous. You aren’t necessarily dumb. or hopeless, or even helpless, but you are certainly not (yet) autonomous