2 weeks of batshit

by heytherewildflower

The past two weeks were batshit crazy, starring me, bat with just one wing. unsettled bat. I will begin writing again soonish —  regardless, I am making this blog private for some pretty expanse of time. Sorry I am not sorry.

Stop reading my blog and start reading FRANK BIDART. It will do you good as it tears your heart out of your throbbing chest cavity, logically.



In 1977, Bill Berkson and Bernadette Mayer began a kind of interview correspondence where with they exchanged questions and answers on a variety of topics. This mutual interview continued well into the mid-80s (and still continues intermittently between Berkson and Mayer today). A book on their letters, questions, and answers titled: What’s Your Idea of a Good Time? was published a few years ago (you can find it on amazon and Alibris).

-Allison Power, THEthepoetry.com


What’s your idea of a good time?

What does distance mean, in poetry?

Are poets “normal”?

What is luck or blessedness? Is it related to the sublime?

Are you the same person you were 10 years ago?

How do you decide what to wear (regardless of the weather)?

What do you think of Rousseau’s paintings?

Is poetry a residue? And of what?

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

What is your secret inner life?

Are you interested in the Mafia?

What poems do you know by heart?

How often do you think about death?

How do you feel about children watching television?

Do you like J. Pollock’s paintings?

What are your rules for your own behavior?

Tell me something you don’t understand.