I bite my tongue

by heytherewildflower


I bite my tongue

I have a tongue thrust. I took tongue lessons
so to lessen the protuberance of my tongue.  I practiced
swallowing correctly. I have a tongue thrust,
and because I have one, I am  gap toothed.
I have a fat tongue that struggles with “s” sounds.
Those without tongue thrusts house their tongues
on a nub far behind the tooth. My tongue pushes against
my teeth. It is too large, so large its resting position threatens
closure my lips make. I practiced swallowing. If I did not
practice, the teeth could not grow fully.
I have a biting fetish.
A fetish which comes at the expense of my tongue
whose nature it is to thrust.
Tell me of the damage you’ve done yourself.
I’ll hold silence, but I have a tongue thrust