Blue: Afternoon of the Faun

by heytherewildflower


Blue: Afternoon of the Faun

she saw blue ruin, blue interstellar sky, white swan, crystal swan,

swan in agony, dancing itself to death. she was
she saw blue raindrops, tensile.

tensile, blue raindrops. she was

bluebells. she saw
music: Claude Debussy, Afternoon of the Faun.

the reflection is not you. it is you looking
at yourself, blue space with malignant purple
underlay, her body twisted like a lily in a tide pool,
the mysterious geometry of the clavicle, shadows
in a sand dollar.  sand dollar dimples on the pale cheeks.

eyes are bruises. she gazes deeply into the deep
gazing. malignant lily on the pad, curling  yellow.
toes, tensile,  leg, a snake with five stunted heads.
poised for attack, it attacks the air, pointing at

the space to slice

with the whistle only a pink slippered foot can make.
leg divides space, makes space into shapes. scimitar separates

head from neck. the crescent moon makes a bruise on the black sky.
and the sabre slices clouds, it seems, gleaming above my head.
tensile with the weight of the body, leg, tensile

with the weight of the body. the scimitar whistle.  air
waking desire into the body.

arms held like machetes. the night comes
to collect its payment for holding off the dark.