The Night Sun / Our Nocturnal Sky

by heytherewildflower

The Night Sun / Our Nocturnal Sky
To conserve is to save by speaking, by holding on

I did not know my sister like I thought I did.
Though we recognized each other from birth,
our first bright cries announcing the night time
we mistakenly inhabited with our bad bodies.

I could not stop what happened after.
She lived. Sometimes, with me.
Sometimes adjacent to my living.

This I know for certain:
My sister, living without me,
survived without me
saving her.

Other sisters too linger after death –
as smoke in the mirror, a familiar face.

I do not sense my face in the smoking mirror.
I see there is a source of heat – intuit fire –
from its effect on me after.

I tried to look my sister in the eye, but I
could not catch her. She would not let me.

She would not recall to my face even a detail
about her capture. We survived after the fact
(of capture). Being captured, where capture
occurs after the fact.

When she breathed, he stifled it.
Held it back. Trapped her.

Walk with me sister, monster.