The Rescue Fantasy

by heytherewildflower


The Rescue Fantasy
I dreamed I rescued a tiger from a burning bus. Intrinsically, I knew it would explode and, intrinsically, I knew I was the one to save him. The tiger was my second grade crush, and the bus’ other occupants were my classmates. If I saved him, they would love me. What’s more, he would love me.

Tigers are dying. People are dying. People consider tigers a product/resource. People consider people a product/resource.

She is trapped. I un-trap the trap. They skin her. I skin them.

I dreamed I was a hero — and you were forced to love me, on account of my status.

I dreamed I swam with tigers and I could see underwater. Unblinking, I watched the brothers wrestle – a gordian knot of stripes submersed in the glow of blue. I woke to a lingering sense of great fear and great love.

Such dreams should remain a secret.